後藤 拓朗(ごとう たくろう)



Takuro Goto

Born in Yamagata city, Yamagata Prefecture in 1982. 
Having graduated with a bachelor's degree in Western painting, Art Department, Tohoku University of Art and Design.
I make an oil painting depicting the landscape of abandoned village or mountain forest in Yamagata Prefecture and the physical activity performed there.
In landscape painting, I paint a picture of an abandoned village and abandoned house as a symbolic representation of the decline of Japan and a local area that is inevitably forced to change by political policy.
On the other hand, I paint a picture of a Man who pose like ancient Greek sculptures and fashion models in abandoned villages and mountain forests.
It depicts the front-line situation where a modern Japanese who imitates the West, but has a body far from Westerners, has eroded and recaptured the territory from the natural world once under control.
Through this work, I explore today’s landscape painting of hometowns should be. Not nostalgia, exoticism or utopia.




「余の光/Light of My World」旧銀鈴ビル(福知山市)



「MOLE GALLERY / MOLE COLLECTION 2020」Cyg art gallery(盛岡市)


「山形 美の鉱脈 明治から令和へ」山形美術館​(山形市)


「山形藝術界隈展一一 | オールスター展」GALVANIZE gallery(石巻市)

「山形藝術界隈展一二 | reborn-art festival 2019」旧柏屋(石巻市)

「山形藝術界隈展一三|リボーン終わってちょっと一息」Cyg art gallery(盛岡市)


「山形藝術界隈展〇五、〇五.五」GALVANIZE gallery(石巻市)

「Multi shutter/マルチシャッター」EUKARYOTE(東京)
「帰ってきたMOLE GALLERY」GALVANIZE gallery(石巻市)


「第 20 回岡本太郎現代芸術賞」川崎市岡本太郎現代美術館(川崎市)
「ISETANニューアーティスト・ディスプレイ 山形藝術界隈展〇三」新宿ISETAN5F(東京都)



「カオス*ラウンジ新芸術祭 2016『地獄の門』」菩提院等(いわき市)

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"'giinika' first issue commemorative exhibition 'Artists who zawazawa.'" slowjam (Yamagata)

"Light of My World"  Former Ginrin Building (Fukuchiyama)

"A perish village" Nagai civic hall (Nagai)


"MOLE GALLERY / MOLE COLLECTION 2020" Cyg art gallery (Morioka)

"Yamagata biennale" Tohoku University of Art and Design (Yamagata)

"Yamagata Mining "Yamagata Art Museum (Yamagata)


"Yamagata Gijutsu_kaiwai Exhibition 11 | All Stars" GALVANIZE gallery (Miyagi)

"Yamagata Gijutsu_kaiwai Exhibition 12 | reborn-art festival 2019" Former Kashiwa-ya (Miyagi)

"Yamagata Gijutsu_kaiwai Exhibition 13 | A short break after the reborn-art festival" Cyg art gallery (Morioka)


"Yamagata Gijutsu_kaiwai Honpo Exhibition" Misawa Class Garage (Yamagata)
"Yamagata Gijutsu_kaiwai Exhibition 05 / 05.5" GALVANIZE gallery (Miyagi)
"Multi shutter" EUKARYOTE (Tokyo)
"Contemporary Yamagata Consideration" Tohoku University of Art and Design 7F Gallery (Yamagata)

"Come back MOLE GALLERY" GALVANIZE gallery (Ishinomaki)



"Inter-space : ordinary and extraordinary adjacency" curated by Nobuyuki Okabe. KUGURU (Yamagata)
"20th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award" Kawasaki City Taro Okamoto Museum of Contemporary Art (Kanagawa)
"Yamagata Gijutsu_kaiwai Exhibition 01" Misawa Class (Yamagata)
"Yamagata Gijutsu_kaiwai Exhibition 02" Shirataka Cultural Exchange Center Ayumu (Yamagata)
"ISETAN New Artist Display / Yamagata Gijutsu_kaiwai Exhibition 03" Shinjuku ISETAN 5F (Tokyo)
"Yamagata Gijutsu_kaiwai Exhibition 04" Tsuruoka Art Forum (Yamagata)



"MOLE revolution" MOLE GALLERY (Yamagata)
"Night Voice" Misawa Class (Yamagata)
"Open Studio 2016" Takino Exchange Center (Yamagata)
"Art market Geijutsu-kaiwai" Gotenzeki (Yamagata)
"Can Tohoku painting be possible? Regional Contemporary Art Museum" Tohoku University of Art and Design (Yamagata)
"Chaos*Lounge New Art Festival 2016 : The Gate of Hell" Bodaiji temple, etc. (Iwaki)


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