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第20回岡本太郎現代芸術賞|The 20th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary art


"Information" is transmitted across time and space.
It changes human feeling, and transforms the shape of the world and your body into something different from before.
When I touch information, the feelings of others I have never met and events in distant lands,  feel like my feelings and experiences.
For example, when I knew the connection with my ancestors, I felt that my hometown, the country, and my body were one.
I think human beings extend their bodies and feelings by knowing something.
A landscape of a rural village with rice fields spread along the mountains and dotted with old houses.It is a typical Japanese landscape.
Such landscapes have been the motif of many painters. Most of them are drawn as admiring the beauty and magnificence of the local landscape.
However, in today's Japan, population decline and aging progress, and rural village is in danger of extinction. It is not hard to imagine that Japan's archetypal landscape will be completely altered in the near future.
In such situations, it is necessary to re-observe the landscape with the modern expanded body.The paintings that are then born may not be the heartwarming landscapes of the past.However, only the paintings that are drawn with the present body represent the future image of Japan and the world.

(This text has been translated into English utilizing DeepL.)


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