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Yamagata, where I lives, has many abandoned villages and abandoned houses. Due to a declining birth rate and aging population, and the population outflow due to changes in industry and logistics, there have been no residents there. That is the very front-end problem of the whole of Japan today.This work is inspired by a painting by Junkichi Mukai, a Japanese painter. During the Second World War, Mukai, who used to draw war paintings as a war artist, saw villages and buildings being destroyed by bombardment. From that experience, Mukai went around the japanese countryside after the war, and continued to draw old houses with thatched roofs that would eventually disappear. His paintings are the original landscape of Japan, and they evoke nostalgia in many Japanese people. And now, as Mukai imagined, good old Japanese landscape is about to fall into decay and disappear. The former community is covered with plants, houses are exposed to wind and snow, collapsed, and traces of wildlife are left everywhere. There is no longer a place for humans.


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